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Can the Bible be trusted?”

In spite of many attempts to discredit its authenticity, the Bible has stood the test of time. Here’s what one scholar has to say on this matter:

There is one piece of evidence above all others that persuades me that the Bible is God’s Word. It’s called the unity of Scripture. The Bible is actually a collection of books-66 of them, written by more than 40 authors, over the course of some 1500 years; yet it is one unified book. It tells one story, about one God who sends one Savior-Jesus Christ-into the world. The more you study it, the more you see Christ-not just in the New Testament, but also in the Old Testament.

Have you read Isaiah 53? It predicts details of Christ’s death more than 600 years before it happened. Have you heard of the Passover Lamb? It pointed to Christ, the Lamb of God, 1500 years before it He came into the world! The Christ-centered unity of the Bible is so intricate and so beautiful that no mere mortal could possibly have produced it. It has to be the product of a single divine Mind working through the different authors.

It is this amazing unity that persuades me that the Bible is the Word of God.”

The Bible has been proven to be unbelievably accurate concerning the events of Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection. It is also completely reliable as an historical document. It is a reliable guide on matters of race, gender and social justice. Further, it speaks with authority on matters of human relationships, morality and ethics.

Yes, the Bible can be trusted!

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