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What did Jesus have to say concerning this life?”

The greatest person of all time, Jesus Christ, was often poor and homeless. Yet, he possessed true riches, for he knew the true way to live. Jesus said, A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” And to demonstrate this statement, he described a man who was totally consumed with acquiring things and consuming wealth. The man was preparing for retirement, getting ready to enjoy his riches, when God spoke to him and said, Fool, this very night you will lose your soul: then who will get what you’ve acquired for yourself?”

On another occasion, Jesus asked, What does it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” The answer, of course, is that it profits nothing, for the things of greatest value cannot be bought or sold; they are spiritual in nature. The person who has amassed only material things will one day die and abandon them. For none of us brought anything into this world, and there is no doubt, we will take nothing out of it.”

Jesus invites every person to follow him. He calls those who are willing to invest their lives in that which never loses value and receive that which money cannot buy-peace with God, eternal life, and true happiness. Jesus himself is the way to that peace. He gave his own life as the sacrifice, paying the price for our sin which had separated us from God. He said of himself, I am the way, the truth and the life.” He was not bragging, but simply stating an absolute fact. To personally believe in him, take him at his word to begin a whole new life. To everyone who believes in him he gives the power to become children of God.” Centuries ago, the prophet Isaiah asked, Why spend your money on that which does not satisfy your deepest hunger and work for that which doesn’t quench your thirst?” Isaiah was looking ahead to the one who would satisfy those desires, the promised Saviour of mankind. Today we look to Jesus as this promised one. He said I am the bread of life.” He also said, The person who comes to me will never hunger and the one who believes in me will never thirst.” In his heart and soul, he will experience fulfillment like never before. Jesus satisfies spiritual hunger and thirst. With him you can have the guarantee of life in abundance. Without him, though one may have great possessions, there is no inner peace and contentment.

Jesus Christ actually lived on this earth 2,000 years ago. Our calendar is dated from the time he arrived. But Jesus is more than a distant historical figure. Based on his own words and much evidence, he is very much alive and well; and he has promised to come again. Until the moment he does come, the invitation stands-his invitation to you to place your trust in him and receive from him the free gift of eternal life. Millions around the world are making this choice every month. If you want to invite Jesus to be your Saviour and friend; if you want him to satisfy the hunger of your heart, tell him so in a simple prayer. This text will help you form a personal prayer to God.

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