A bird flies outside a man's prison cell.

I am Mohamed, and I want to thank God for what He did in my life while I was serv­ing a three-year prison sen­tence in a max­i­mum-secu­ri­ty prison.

I was told I would serve my entire three-year sen­tence with hard labor…

I am Mohamed, and I want to thank God for what He did in my life while I was serv­ing a three-year prison sen­tence in a max­i­mum-secu­ri­ty prison. I was con­vict­ed after I vio­lent­ly stabbed a man who refused to pay me some mon­ey he owed. Although I was guilty, my rel­a­tives tried to nego­ti­ate my release. They tried bribes, juju pow­ers, enchant­ment and manip­u­la­tion, but with­out suc­cess. I was told I would serve my entire sen­tence with hard labor.

I had done a year and three months in prison, endur­ing pain and shame, when I heard some men singing in the main com­pound of the prison. Although I was a Mus­lim, I became curi­ous and want­ed to know what was hap­pen­ing. Before long a prison offi­cer allowed me into the com­pound where I saw two young men who, I was told, were shar­ing the Gospel of Christ. I became very much chal­lenged at what I heard. At the end of their mes­sage I decid­ed to repent of my sins and give my life to Christ. Some oth­er pris­on­ers made the same decision.

Today, I want to thank God who answered my prayers as a judi­cial par­don was extend­ed to me and to some oth­er pris­on­ers. I am now a Chris­t­ian and want to con­tin­ue with the Lord.

— Mohamed

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With a col­lege degree, a good job as an accoun­tant, an ample salary and won­der­ful wife and fam­i­ly — what more could any man want? I had all of these, yet I was not happy.

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One night I had a dream, and when I woke up…I prayed and asked God to show me what the truth real­ly was.

An hourglass

After her death I became a drunk­ard and I lost every­thing. Con­stant­ly on my mind was the ques­tion, If I die, where will I go?” I knew that one day I must face death like my wife. I did not have an answer to the question.

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I grew up with many prob­lems and much con­fu­sion. Alco­hol had been for years my way to escape from the prob­lems, but after the effects of alco­hol are gone, the prob­lems are still there.

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I stud­ied sci­en­tif­ic athe­ism and was taught that God does not exist. Still I felt like some real­i­ty was pur­pose­ly being hid­den from me. Lat­er I real­ized what it was.

An overhead shot of a whiteboard desk. On the whiteboard, somebody has written: Is there a difference between your plan and God's plan for your life?

I was not sat­is­fied in my life and was search­ing for mean­ing and real­i­ty of our exis­tence in this world. I used to think, Why I am here and where will I go from here?

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